What to Do if You Were Injured in an Uber Accident

What to Do if You Were Injured in an Uber Accident

Uber is generally more convenient, less costly, and more punctual than a conventional taxi cab

Uber is generally more convenient, less costly, and more punctual than a conventional taxi cab service. What do you do if you’re seriously injured in an accident that was caused by the carelessness and negligence of an Uber driver though? The good news is that there should be sufficient insurance to cover your injuries and damages, but getting the compensation that you deserve will be problematic. That’s because insurance companies would far rather collect premium payments than pay out on claims. Then, you’ll need to file a lawsuit.

Do I Sue Uber or the Driver?

The best legal strategy is to sue both the driver and Uber. Minimum liability insurance required by Uber for its drivers is $50,000 per person and $100,000 maximum per occurrence. Coincidentally, those minimum coverages are consistent with Connecticut’s minimum liability insurance coverage law. If your driver’s personal liability insurance doesn’t apply, Uber carries an additional $1 million of liability, uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance while you’re in the car.

When Another Driver Caused the Crash

If another motorist caused your accident, it will primarily be his or her insurance company that you must deal with. Of course, if that driver was uninsured or underinsured, you have Uber’s uninsured and underinsured insurance covering you.

What to Do at the Accident Scene

Don’t depend on somebody else to report the accident to police. As you’ve been seriously injured, call 911 yourself if at all possible. Ask that both police and paramedics be sent to the scene. Police can investigate the accident and paramedics can stabilize you before transporting you to a nearby emergency room for further care and treatment. Both the police and paramedic reports are pivotal in establishing that you were in an accident and injured in it. Don’t get talked out of calling them to the scene under any circumstances. Then, upon leaving the hospital, contact a reputable Connecticut personal injury lawyer who is experienced in handling Uber accidents.

The Importance of an Experienced Uber Accident Lawyer

Any insurance company is a business that pays close attention to its bottom line. It won’t pay you a penny if it believes that it doesn’t have to. An Uber accident lawyer will know the many defenses that Uber, its driver’s personal insurer, or the insurer of another vehicle that caused the crash will raise. One primary defense is that the Uber driver is an independent contractor.

The Independent Contractor Relationship

As per their agreement with Uber, every person who drives for the company is an independent contractor and not an employee. Any person seeking compensation for their injuries and damages must first exhaust the Uber driver’s personal coverage before Uber’s $1 million of coverage might be triggered. It’s highly likely that you’ll need an Uber accident lawyer to even get that first $50,000 before you can try to tackle Uber. If you settle for or are awarded less than that $50,000 you won’t have an opportunity at getting to Uber’s coverage.

Don[‘t Give a Statement

The Uber driver’s insurer, Uber’s insurer, or another driver’s insurer might be contacting you for purposes of obtaining a statement. Connecticut law doesn’t require you to give a statement of any kind, so politely refuse to give one.  That’s because you’re likely to be led into making innocent misstatements that will be used against you to attempt to devalue your claim.

You’ll stand a far better chance at a satisfactory resolution of your claim or lawsuit with an experienced and effective Uber accident attorney working on your behalf. Consult with and retain one as soon as you can after being injured in an Uber accident.