What You Need After a Bicycle Accident

What You Need After a Bicycle Accident

Bike accidents are scary, particularly if this accident involves a car. There is a high

Bike accidents are scary, particularly if this accident involves a car. There is a high chance that the injuries sustained in such instances are severe, significantly changing your life and financial status. Getting all the professional help you need is essential in this case. But before you hire a bicycle accident attorney, it would be best to know what moves you need to make.

Call And Wait For The Police to Arrive

The first step to take once you get involved in a bike accident would be to call the police. Ensure that you provide them with comprehensive details about where you are, allowing them to get to the scene as soon as they can. You might also request medical experts and an ambulance if the accident causes significant injuries.

While waiting for the police, you might want to check whether the other driver or cyclist is okay. However, this does not mean that you should negotiate with them. Negotiation can readily compromise personal injury claims in the long run. Instead, focus on establishing the truth, preferably by talking to eyewitnesses.

The police will take a relatively short time to arrive at the accident scene. Once the police do, ensure that you provide them with enough details regarding the accident. A comprehensive report will ensure that you get better compensation in the long run.

Get Contact Information

A personal injury claim does not rely on the police report only. Since you might file one soon, you’ll need to have enough evidence against the other driver. For this reason, ensure that you have the contact information of the witnesses and the other driver, cyclist, or motorist. This information will help make your case more seamless in the long run.

Suppose you are injured and unable to get this contact information. In this case, it would be best to ask a bystander or one of the police officers to help you get it. This way, you’ll not need to struggle to obtain it in the future.

Seek Medical Attention

Getting immediate medical attention will often be an excellent move. While you might not experience pain or witness some injuries immediately, it would help if you got an opinion from a medical expert. In addition, various insurance companies will want to associate your injuries with the accident. Delaying medical attention could complicate your case, exposing you to no compensation in the long run.

Document What Happened

Some personal injuries could take a while to recover. However, once you regain stability, it would be best to document the incident. Ensure that you provide a detailed account of what transpired, including the information provided by the eyewitnesses.

In addition, ensure that you include your injuries. The best way to do it will be by adding a medical report to your document. This rt should be comprehensive, covering itemized bills, surgery costs, injury severity, and the potential health effects. You’ll also need to show that the injury sustained is not a result of your previous health complications.

This documentation should also entail the damage you suffered, from property loss to asset damage. You’ll indicate the condition of the item and the market price. This move aims at getting enough compensation to replace or repair your property.

Excellent preservation of this evidence and documentation is a must. Do not attempt to repair your bike. Instead, please send it to your attorney. This lawyer will help preserve the evidence and ensure that your rights are protected in the long run.

To conclude, various steps help ensure that you get enough compensation for your injuries. Having a reliable lawyer by your side should be a priority. However, before getting one, consider the elements above.